Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It won’t be pretty but it will be ours.

The post consumerism capitalistic world in the United States might not be pretty, but it will be ours.

Here is a truth, the working folks in the United States, who earn wages, pay more than their fair share of taxes. Just about 50% of the governments revenues come from wage taxes including social security. Another factoid: the top earners in the United States are (as you would expect) the top tax cheats. Its hard for we, who get wages, to steal from Uncle Sam when our employers withhold the cash and send it direct to Washington DC.

What does that mean: The Tea Party folks are right about reallocation of wealth by the government. They just have the direction wrong. We do not subsidize the poor, we subsidize the rich.

The working class and working poor pay a bigger portion of their earnings for taxes than the wealthy. I guarantee that Glenn Beck pays a smaller portion of his earnings in taxes than I, or you do. He surely pays more tax (I hope), but I give a bigger portion of my earnings to taxes, and I have little left for large houses or limos or even savings. (Sending off a check this week of April 15th so I rant a little.)

But hey! this a great country! Where else would workers have the opportunity to subsidize the ruling class, all the while thinking that their wage taxes go to support lazy non-workers.

Any way, as much as the demagogues rant about socialism invading the country, I have just read the constitution again, and we have the right to change our form of government through legislation and amendments so lets do it.

Lets get a 28th and 29th amendment.

The 28th limiting congress from exempting themselves from laws and the 29th to define that corporations are not “people”.

Now that “corporations” are people with rights, do they have the right to arm themselves under the second amendment? The Fox Network Militia vs. the MSNBC Militia to protect themselves. They could develop nukes!





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