Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best post crash business: Travel to Washignton DC.

The best post crash business is Hotels in and around Washington DC and the airlines that serve DC.

Every hick mayor and city manager and their official posses have been descending on Washington DC for the past six months or so.  Wink, wink, trying to make sure they get their piece of the stimulus pie. Our hick mayor has burnt the city travel budget in four months of DC sightseeing. My guess the 4000 college and university presidents in the United Sates and US Samoa have also done their best to help the DC service industry rebound.

With the massive influx of money, DC cab drivers might be called on to restart the consumer wave rolling again!

What they should be doing is trying to balance their city budgets with a dose of reality. What I have observed around here are government officials with their heads in the sand or up their _____ peaking out their navels, waiting for the recovery to begin.

What recovery, as far as I know 15% of American's are without work and deeply in debt and the vast majority of American households are down 10-40% in their earnings while fundamental household costs of necessary stuff like healthcare and heat and electricity goes up.

Why can't our leaders get their heads out of the sand? Because everything they have been taught and observed revolves around buying stuff. George Carlin pray for us!

If 100% of our income goes to cover basic costs (some extra for food and clothing maybe) and our savings are a few thousand a year, how can we can spend more without getting the country further in the hole.

My suggestion: get over having stuff, and begin to save, and that includes the federal government (Save, for crying out loud!)

When we save enough to feel comfortable, then we can begin to figure out how to spend our incomes. I think we will spend them on common good issues, and not buying useless crap made in China.

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