Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simplify your life. Six easy and small ways with a link to 72 more.

I know the "baby boomers" are begining the de-acqusition phases of their lives. As I talk to my old and new friends, who are age peers, they are looking  for EASY and SMALL ways to simplify their lives.

They are not looking for leisure retirements, they are looking for ways to dump impediments to continued productivity.

For example, if taking care of my large yard is getting in  the way of my volunteer work, something has to give:

I dropped the yard work!

So here are few EASY and SMALL ways to simplify your lives:
  1. Make all your bills into e-billing and direct pays. Most e-bills can be put on credit cards so you don't always face over charging yourchecking account.
    • Reduces paper mail coming in and reduce recycling or waste.
    • It also saved me $15/month in postage, and the monthly drive to the post office for stamps.
  2. Give to charity all the clothing you have not worn in one year. (Of course save the raincoat, even if you live in Arizona, you might travel)
    • This simplifies your decision making on what to wear. It also keeps you more up to date.
    • It makes it easier to organize your closet.
  3. Take ALL your books and magazines to the used book exchange.
    • This simplifies cleaning the house and the inevitable internal question of "Tell me again, why am I saving this?"
    • Lets you return those "lost" library books!
    • Porvides you with a little income to maybe buy a current novel, or self-help book.
  4. Burn all that lumber you have been saving for that "project". Skip the project, you don't need a yard shed. (See above: drop the yard work)
    • Clears the garage for the car and makes getting into the house easier. I did this one!
    • Might save your life, if you need to get out of the garage quickly.
  5. Drop all memberships that don't contribute to the benefit of others (than yourself).
    • Lots fewer meetings.
    • Lots less junk mail.
    • More time to be productive helping others. (A very post consumer view.)
  6. Have your home phone disconnected (We did!)
    • No false emergencies at our houses. (We do have cell and email for close friend.)
Thats my list of six.

If you really want the full monty go to this website. Zen Habits

There are seventy-two ways to simplify. If that's too many read this excerpt from the site.

The Short List 
  • Identify what’s most important to you.
  • Eliminate everything else.

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